HNN offers many business networking opportunities. Several are shown below. Click here for other networking information.



HNN has at our disposal many excellent business coaches, trainers and mentors who are able to assist members in your business and professional growth.  The services available include every aspect of business, including how to network most successfully.  HNN assists our members by offering specific resources to guide you as you work to achieve greater success. Click here for more details.


Would you like to attend an luncheon or breakfast at a reduced price? What about getting discounts on special events such as the Houston Business Expo and more. Attend HNN members only events. Become a member of HNN to reap these benefits and more. Join here.

Houston Business Executives

Houston Business Executives is a focused CEO peer advisory organization, which includes a Business-to-Business networking component that will allow you to surmount your business challenges whether you are the senior executive, a lead support executive or the individual responsible for company sales. Members meet monthly to provide peer support under the auspices of a senior facilitator who has developed and run companies and is skilled in maximizing the peer input important to ensure success. Click here to learn more!


Would you like your logo on the HNN home page? How about an ad in the HNN newsletter?  What about offering special discounts directly to HNN members? There is a way for everyone to promote their business with HNN. Click for details.


Visit our affiliates page for special offers and other bargains that they have for you. Click here to visit.

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Houston L.E.A.D.


2014 is upon us and this is the 11th Year of HNN!

If you’re looking to build your business this year, we have a fantastic opportunity just for you from Houston L.E.A.D. (Lead Exchange And Development). For a limited time, January 2nd through January 18th, Houston L.E.A.D. ( annual memberships are just $250

Ask yourself these questions; check if the answer is “yes:”

• Am I receiving the number of quality referrals I want?
• Am I giving the number of quality referrals I am able to?
• Am I receiving the ROI I desire for the time, money and effort invested in business networking?
• Am I receiving enough advice or information to help grow my business?

If you didn’t answer yes to all of the above questions, you will be making a smart investment by getting involved in this unique networking group.

Learn about our unique Houston L.E.A.D. Networking System™ that includes:

• A master PLAN for sharing quality referrals and leads and tracks progress
• Environment that assists you with business challenges and issues through the powerful tool of peer advisory
• A Mentor/Buddy program for new members
• Weekly group meetings, including networking and training from certified networkers and trained facilitators
• A Facebook and LinkedIn L.E.A.D. Networkers Group™

• Master Networkers “shadowing” you at networking venues to help you become an expert at working a room and making productive connections
• Weekly HNN events to apply skills learned in your group meetings (Optional)
• Monthly mixers for networking with other L.E.A.D. groups, members and guests
• Confidential setting that allows you the freedom and flexibility to make business and personal growth a reality
• The opportunity to become a Certified Master Networker

Contact us at or call us at 281-778-6661 to take advantage of this great opportunity!



Join The HNN Network

You don’t have to be at one of our events to network with other HNN Members. Join the HNN Network and socialize online with others that are in the HNN community. Register here!

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